Smart Order Pickup Cabinet PUCH-23

6 Heated Smart Order Pickup Cubbies

Heated Smart Order Cabinet, electric, WI-FI enabled order fulfillment and management includes capacitive touch screen and QR code scanner, automatic pop latch open and manual close doors, stainless steel construction, single electrical connection, 120V, 13A, 60Hz, single phase, NEMA 5-20P plug

Product Details

PUC Heated Locker Cabinets

PUC Smart Order heated cabinets are ideal for your automated pick-up program. Customers order online, receive a QR code, and when they arrive, scan the code to open the door that contains their order. You can use PUC cabinets as free-standing units, or integrate with your POS to collect and analyze data for every order.  All that is needed is a WI-FI connection.  PUC heated cabinets come in 2 styles: locker style in 3 capacites - 4, 6 and 8 lockers; pizza cabinet in 2 capacities - 3 and 6 shelves for pizza boxes.

• "No contact" pick up
• Convenient and fast carry-out
• Pick-up time reduced by as much as 70%
• Labor and unnecessary touch points are minimized
•Touchless automatic open / close doors
• Antimicrobial exterior coating for added peace of mind
• Customers' orders are accurate and safely stowed
• Both styles have pad heaters in each locker/shelf to keep food warm
• Add-on cabinets can be connected to master cabinets to add capacity