Smart Order Pick–up Cabinets

Touchless, Network Integrated, Automated, Smart Order Pick-Up Cabinets.
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Self–Serve Automated Order Pick Up Technology

PUC is a new smart, self-serve, automated pick up system that connects to your POS to improve speed of service and convenience for your customers. Whether its order pick-up, order return, hot pizza, bagged product, the PUC smart cabinet system offers a safe and secure automated environment for self-serve and connects with your POS for total kitchen management.

PUC Self-Serve Automated Order Pick-Up

PUC offers the latest technology in mobile ordering and pick up for busy restaurants, convenience stores and retail.  The system is complete with all of the technology for ordering online or from a mobile app. Heated and ambient cabinets can be configured for your operation. The PUC System improves speed of service, labor cost, as well as convenient streamlined pick-up, and food safety.

• Connected: touchscreens for order fulfillment, cabinet stocking and pick-up
• Safe: secure cabinets, heated or ambient, for orders can be opened with a pin or QR code
• Integrated: data collection and analytics for kitchen management
• Fast: allows for speedy pick up by your customers
• Expandable: multiple cabinets can be connected
• Streamline your no contact carry-out business

Easily Integrated With POS Systems

Smart, technology enabled pick-up cabinets to automate order delivery and reduce costs.

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